1- Are the Cattlemen’s, Frank’s RedHot and French’s Mustards available in dry form? If so, how can I purchase them?
A- The short answer is YES. Many of the standard, consumer/patron tested sauces and condiments we offer in traditional liquid form are available in a spray dried format. Click here for more information!

B- We also currently manufacture and supply some specialty dry seasonings that compliment our liquid line. They are:
a. Dry Worcestershire Sauce-free flowing seasoning blend with very unique and distinct flavors common to French’s Worc Sauce
b. Dry Rochester Sauce-same as (b) only without caramel color for use in more color sensitive applications.
c. Dry Mustards-milled from the mustard seeds and blended to exact flavor targets, these products set the standard for dry mustards and continue to be milled with quality and consistency as the primary objective.

2- How can I get assistance on application questions?
Just contact your sales rep, call or e-mail us. We have an excellent team of food scientists, technical sales and processing specialists that can assist in maximizing the flavor delivery of our products in your application.